The intersectional tech meetup*

Thoughts on the first meetup

The first meetup happened on June, 28 in Berlin. We had 5 speakers and around 40 people attending.

The name of the meetup

While on the one hand the current name of the meetup attracts people we intent the meetup to be for, on the other hand it feels like we may hijack the term “intersectionality” for an event that has a little different outcome and meaning. We will be working on finding a good name that is more along the lines of an “interdisciplinary meetup with a focus on intersectionality.”

Intent and relevance

One major action item for us is work on how we can make the event intentional. Defining who we want to reach with the meetup and then actually reaching out to these groups. We will figure out how we can curate the content of the meetup to be relevant for the people we intent to reach.


We want to be welcoming to parents and single parents. We’re working on making this meetup family friendly.

Malwine, June 29

When and where?

New event date is currently under consideration.
Might happen again in August at Co-Up Berlin** 3rd floor, Adalbertstraße 7, 10999 Berlin*** Find the past events here.

What is this?

We want to explore stories at the intersections of technology and topics that move & affect us. Seeing technology from different perspectives is crucial when attempting to build a place that is inclusive and sustainable for everyone. Let's explore different views and learn from each other.

How is this different to other meetups?

There will be mostly lightning talks of 5-10 minutes and time to discuss afterwards. This way it hopefully doesn't take much preparation to jump to the stage and talk. Even an introduction to a good book you recently read can make a talk. It may also be a conversation booster as we may have many different topics to talk about.

Possible topic intersections

Here is a little generator to give you an idea. If they don't make sense regenerate.

society x AI
resistance x decentralization
gender x algorithms
dev ops x user interface

Who should speak?

We will be focussing on people who don't usually get the chance to speak:
women and non-binary people & black people and people of color & disabled people. We will be an intentional space but not exclusive - if you have an idea for a talk please send your proposal to:

Who can come?

Everybody who likes learning and will respect our code of conduct is invited to come.

Code of Conduct

We want to create a space where people can meet and learn in a supportive environment. Be respectful and open minded.
We will run the meetup under the Berlin Code of Conduct.

Contact & feedback

The meetup is organized by Malwine and Princiya. The whole project is work in progress and lives from your participation and feedback.
Questions and feedback is always welcome.
Send a mail to: